Carbon Alloys

Carbon alloys are mainly composed of various types of carbon materials in multi-component systems. Here, atoms of each component have physical and/or chemical interactive relationships with other component atoms in the system. The carbon atoms of the components may have different hybrid bonding orbitals to create different carbon components.

The carbon alloy concept is an innovative approach to look at carbon-based structures. Carbonyx has obtained a U.S. patent for the process of manufacturing a wide range of carbon alloys from inexpensive and abundant carbon-based raw materials supplemented with a series of additives in a multi-step continuous process called Carbon Alloy Synthesis Process (CASP). The versatility of CASP is based upon the identification and selection of a vast array of materials coupled with the customization of proprietary process steps to yield the desired results on the carbon structure. The continuous nature of the technology provides a close monitor on quality control and minimizes undesirable environmental pollutants and emissions.