Carbonyx is a carbon technology company engaged in the development of premium carbon alloy production technologies, hence, the name Carbonyx. The company was founded in the year 2000 with the goal of creating advanced carbon-based products utilizing a patented process for the production of carbon alloys. The carbon alloy concept represents a paradigm shift from traditional thinking in the making of carbon structures through the company’s proprietary Carbon Alloy Synthesis Process (CASP). Carbonyx has commercialized this carbon alloy research to produce an economically viable and environmentally responsible coke replacement Cokonyx. We have a unique vision for chemical carbon and carbon alloy products that meet customer specifications.

In addition to being an incubator for innovative carbon technologies, Carbonyx exemplifies a unified concept-to-commercialization method under a single umbrella by providing appropriate resources for concept evolution, computer simulation, laboratory analysis, engineering design, construction management, technical support, and market research. Underscoring this approach, Cokonyx, the first carbon alloy product, was developed for applications in the iron and steel industry. Cokonyx was engineered, pilot tested, and put to industrial use as a coke replacement within a span of three years.

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